Partners in Pedagogy

EPIC will be postponing this pilot program to academic year 2020-2021. Thank you for your interest. If you’ve already applied we will contact you directly.


What is it?  

Partners in Pedagogy creates a unique opportunity for faculty, graduate student TAs, and undergraduate student partners to participate in teaching observations and the review of learning materials. This innovative program differs from traditional “students as partners” programs in that the graduate student’s TAship serves as a meeting point through which all participants can share in and mutually benefit from teaching observation.  

Who is involved?  

During our 2019-2020 pilot year, we will form two cohorts for observation during the Spring 2020 quarter: each PIP cohort will be comprised of 1 faculty member, 3-5 graduate student TAs, and 2-3 undergraduate student partners.  

Who benefits?  

Faculty members can list PIP graduate and undergraduate student mentoring as service and teaching for their promotion and merit reviews. Faculty members will receive a research grant for their participation. 

Graduate Student TAs will receive valuable mentoring experience and develop materials for the academic job portfolio. Graduate student TAs will also receive a research grant for their participation. 

Undergraduate Student Partners receive training that is transferable to any teaching or pedagogical assessment opportunityUndergraduate students are compensated on a per hour rate for their participation. 

For more information, please contact our instructional designer Dana Milstein at