Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Graduate students are not only invested in their own research–as instructors, they are great pedagogical innovators for their openness in experimenting with teaching approaches. To cultivate both interests and skill sets of graduate students as researchers and instructors, EPIC offered five graduate student positions in summer 2019 to conduct research and write about innovative pedagogical approaches that can enhance undergraduate learning within their disciplines. This research opportunity allowed graduate students to develop expertise in higher education pedagogies and/or curriculum development relevant to their fields.

EPIC presents the Graduate Student Researchers that received the EPIC Scholarship of Teaching and Learning summer fellowship. These fellows proposed pedagogical projects to develop scholarly articles and resources that will be shared out to EPIC’s website and UCLA community learning events.

John Kardosh

Argument Evaluation: A Web Based Approach



Hyobin Won

Teaching Reactive Responses in Korean Language Class



Kristie Valdez-Guillen

Decolonial Femme Deep Listening Qualitative Data Analysis



Jacqueline Barrios

City Analog: Scavenging, Sound Archives and Urban Space



Karime Parodi Ambel

Queering Latin American Studies