2019-2020 Seminars in Teaching Excellence

We are pleased to share initial descriptions for EPIC’s Seminars in Teaching Excellence for 2019-2020; additional information will follow towards the summer’s end as the STE co-leads develop materials and resources for their respective STEs. All Seminars in Teaching Excellence require a 50-hour commitment over the quarter that includes 30-hours of face-to-face meeting and 20 hours of at-home preparation for reading and project development. Fellows are expected to attend all meetings and to contribute towards the final group project, which generally includes an Annotated Bibliography and a pedagogical toolkit to be shared out to the UCLA teaching community. Please submit your applications via the Faculty Application page or the Graduate Student Application page

Inclusive Classrooms II

Fall 2019, Mondays 1-4pm

This STE will explore intersectionality through the lens of demographics (race, class, gender, sexual orientation), psychographics (community and individual attitudes and beliefs), and social justice pedagogy in the undergraduate humanities classroom.



Teaching with Technologies in the Humanities Classroom

Winter 2020, Tuesdays (bi-monthly) 2-4pm

This STE is grounded in “multimodal and immersive pedagogy,” and will be formatted as an experiential exploration into how the design of the human mind and learning spaces can be leveraged to give instructors and students equal access to content in ways that work best for each participant in a learning moment. Instructors who are interested in leveraging both analog and digital technologies are encouraged to apply.



Community Learning

Spring 2020, Mondays 2-5pm

This STE explores models of service learning and community engagement teaching, including the nuts and bolts of forming meaningful and sustainable external partnerships and how to integrate community engagement into an existing course. Topics may also include transfer, experiential and project-based learning, citizenship, and institutional ethics.



Urban Humanities

Spring 2020, Tuesdays 10am-1pm (starting Week 2)

This STE builds upon UCLA’s robust Urban Humanities community by continuing to explore the theory and practice of urban humanities as it may relate to environmental design, urban planning, geohumanities, and architectural and civil engineering disciplines.



If you have any questions, please consult our FAQ or email us at epic@humnet.ucla.edu.

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