A Message from the EPIC Team

We understand the transition to remote classes is stressful to faculty and students alike. We echo our instructional support partners across campus and encourage you to be flexible with your students and instructional support staff as we work to ensure that you have the resources to teach as effectively as can be in this unprecedented time. 

The spring Seminars Teaching in Excellence are going ahead as remote seminars. If you are a Fellow participating in these STEs, please make sure you have accepted the invitation to the seminar CCLE site sent to you by EPIC. If you need another invitation, please send an email to Tegan Artho-Bentz (tegan@humnet.ucla.edu) as soon as possible. If they haven’t already done so, seminar co-leads will soon contact you to send revised plans and schedules.

Soon, EPIC will be opening office hours via Zoom to offer consultations with faculty and TAs to assist with your remote teaching needs. We are also happy to connect you with other staff on campus who can help you if you have more specialized needs. In the meantime, please see the information provided on this page for resources and guidelines for remote teaching.

Thank you for your dedication to our students. We hope you are staying healthy and safe. If you have questions or need help, please email us at epic@humnet.ucla.edu

UCLA Campus Resources and Support for Teaching Remotely

Information and assistance on transitioning to remote learning and teaching.


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