Ready, Set, Teach!

One of EPIC’s signature initiatives on inclusive and equitable teaching, the Ready, Set Teach! series gives instructors the opportunity to hear from undergraduate students about their learning experiences in and out of the classroom, and also provides a space for faculty and TAs to share teaching techniques and discuss successful teaching interventions and challenges.

Ready, Set, Teach! Winter 2022 Undergraduate Student Panel

Ready, Set, Teach! Spring 2021 From Zoom to Classroom: Remote Strategies Worth Keeping

Ready, Set, Teach! Winter 2021 Graduate Student Instructors on Student Engagement

Ready, Set, Teach! Fall 2020 Remote Teaching Panel

Small Changes, Big Impact

A set of workshops on inclusive and equitable teaching practices that have also become one of EPIC’s signature inclusive teaching initiatives. These workshops cover a range of topics.

Improvising the Classroom: Multimodal Strategies for Active Learning

Using Video to Enhance Classroom Learning (Winter 2022)


Fall 2022 Access Workshop

EPIC & UCLA Online Teaching & Learning (OTL): Designing Your Bruin Learn Course Site

EPIC Summer Institute Fall 2022

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EPIC-Lang 2023 Conference: Reimagined Critical Pedagogy: Resistance and Solidarity in Language Classrooms

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