Teaching with Tech

This section offers answers to some of the most commonly requested questions on technology use in the classroom. For additional help, please contact EPIC.


Making Bruin Learn accessible

Using the the Accessibility Checker in the Rich Content Editor as an instructor – Explains how this tool detects common accessibility errors within the Rich Text Editor, with instructions on how to add alt text and quickly fix other common issues.

Bruin Learn

Setting up Bruin Learn course

Video Playlist: Prepare your Bruin Learn Course Site – a series of video on finding courses in Bruin Learn, importing content from previously taught courses, and using Syllabus and Assignement tools.

Uploading course content

Adding and Organizing Course Content – Guide for adding files, adding text and media using the Rich Content Editor (RCE), and creating modules.

Video: Modules and Pages – quick overview

Submit grades

End-of-term Grading – A guide on using the Bruin Learn Gradebook and submitting final grades.

Review the Bruin Learn Gradebook – A more thorough guide on using the Gradebook (setting the grading scheme, using weighted grades, and caluculating extra credit)

Video: End of Term Grading

Online Teaching

Preparing to teach

Course Update Checklist – a guide to ensure you have completed all tasks ahead of the quarter

Readiness Checklist – a guide for keping track of all skills needed to use Bruin Learn, and which ones need more training

Communicating with students

Bruin Learn Guide on communicating with students – instructions and best practices on using the Inbox, Announcements, and Notifications tools

Record Video Feedback in Bruin Learn: a quick explainer video from Bruin Learn Resources

Using Video to Enhance Classroom Learning: An EPIC workshop on how video an be easily incorporated to supplement existing course content and support student learning by drawing on theories of active learning, universal design for learning (UDL), and Task-Based Language Teaching (TBL).

Active Learning Strategies

A Short Guide to Active Learning Strategies for Remote Teaching – courtest of the UCLA Center for the Advancement of Teaching

Engagement and Active Learning Techniques, by Effort – UCLA’s Center for Education Innovation and Learning in the Sciences (CEILS). Includes interactive options.

UCLA 2020 Fall Teaching Forum – Numerous resources and strategies for remote/hybrid teaching


Designing Assessments

Creating Quizzes – Info on different types of quizzes in Bruin Learn, and how to create a question bank

Additional Online Tools


The Guide to Active Learning Strategies for Remote Teaching from CEILS includes many options for using Zoom

Polling Tools

A number of third-party resources are available for interactive polling:

Padlet – Whiteboard tool that is great for announcements, student introductions

Annotation Tools