Teaching Innovation Grants

Teaching Innovation Grants (TIG) support innovative teaching and learning projects inspired by the Seminars in Teaching Excellence. They are start-up grants intended to support STE Fellows’ individual or team projects to build proof-of-concept projects based on the theories and best practices they explored in the Seminars for Teaching Excellence. These grants are aligned with EPIC’s commitment to inclusivity, interdisciplinarity, and innovative learning. Funds are awarded to Fellows with projects that draw direct inspiration from their STE, advance novel approaches to teaching, especially those enhanced by technology, and promote inclusivity and equity in the classroom.

The following projects were awarded EPIC’s most recent Teaching Innovation Grant:

Counter-Mapping Suburban Los Angeles
Principal Investigators:

  • Genevieve Carpio, Chicana/o Studies, Assistant Professor
  • Melissa Rovner, Architecture and Urban Design, Graduate Student

Course Development and Implementation for “Writing Transfers: Community Engagement, Higher Education, and Analytical Writing (English 110XP)”
Principal Investigators:

  • Megan Stephan, English, Continuing Lecturer & Faculty Coordinator for Writing in the English Majors & the Professional Writing Minor

Los Angeles and Europe: Community Engagement in the Department of European Languages and Transcultural Studies
Principal Investigators:

  • David Kim, Germanic Language, Associate Professor

An Open Access Website for Inclusive Chinese Language Instruction and Pedagogical Research
Primary Investigators:

  • Hongyin Tao, Asian Languages and Cultures, Professor
  • Elizabeth Carter, Asian Languages and Cultures, Graduate Student
  • Yan Zhou, Asian Languages and Cultures, Graduate Student

18(92)/2020 Abolition Archives: Teaching Iola Leroy in South LA
Primary Investigators:

  • Jonathan Grossman, English, Professor
  • Richard Yarborough, English, Professor
  • Jacqueline Barrios, English, Graduate Student

Past Award Recipients

Rome Lab
Primary Investigators:

  • Chris Johanson, Digital Humanities/Classics, Associate Professor
  • Diana Librandi, Classics, Graduate Student
  • Elliot Piros, Classics, Graduate Student

Oral History Projects
Primary Investigator:

  • Jimena Rodriguez, Spanish and Portuguese, Associate Adjunct Professor

Inclusive Gatherings
Primary Investigators:

  • Jimena Rodriguez, Spanish and Portuguese, Associate Adjunct Professor
  • Stephen “Kip” Tobin, Spanish and Portuguese, Assistant Adjunct Professor
  • Carla Suhr, Spanish & Portuguese, Lecturer

Project-based Language Learning
Primary Investigator:

  • Michelle Smith, Asian Languages and Cultures, Lecturer