Pheaross Graham

A photo of Pheaross Graham

EPIC Graduate Student Researcher

Pheaross Graham comes to EPIC from the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music as a Doctoral Candidate in musicology. He is a scholar-pianist, and his Ph.D. dissertation, “Visions of the Pianistic Self: Don Shirley, Rachmaninoff, and Music Performance Studies,” proposes a humanized approach to performance analysis that unites performers’ biographies, lived experiences, temperaments, cultural dispositions, and physicalities with empirical observations to explore novel, multidimensional areas of the hermeneutics of recorded performances. He explores complex, emergent meanings found in the sounded traces of the performing artists themselves, moving past the shadows of absolute music paradigms.

He received his BA in music and BS in microbial biology from UC Berkeley, MFA in piano performance from UC Irvine, and MA and C.Phil. in musicology from UCLA. Following his role as Teaching Fellow and having taught close to 800 students, he is now EPIC’s Graduate Student Researcher. As EPIC GSR, he is involved in the interlinking project management, event planning, and technical coordination of EPIC’s numerous initiatives. Additionally, he edits and contributes to EPIC’s monthly newsletter, which shares stories, practical tips, and strategies for innovative teaching in the humanities, history, and musicology at UCLA. With EPIC, he is interested in creative approaches to inclusivity that expand pedagogical canons, shift frames of thinking, and explore multimodal modes of instruction. He was Co-Organizer of UCLA’s Music Performance Studies Today Conference.