Ying Yang

A photo of Ying Yang

EPIC Graduate Student Researcher

Ying Yang is a PhD Candidate in Applied Linguistics at UCLA. Her research interest focuses on the interplay between discourse and grammar. To investigate how everyday interaction shapes and is reshaped by linguistic practices, she uses video recordings of natural conversation and applies both quantitative and qualitative methodologies. Her dissertation examines how the word na, which literally means ‘that’, can shift from marking spatial deixis to indexing speaker stance in Mandarin Chinese conversation. As an EPIC GSR, she is interested in integrating research and technology into language teaching and learning. She is currently on the EPIC-Lang team working on a set of new initiatives. These will include language pedagogy-tailored workshops, teaching resources, and grant opportunities. EPIC-Lang is particularly interested in fostering innovation in language teaching and learning, facilitating dialogue between language teachers, students, and researchers, and exploring research-based strategies to enhance language curriculum design.