Scholarship of Teaching & Learning Summer GSR at 50%

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning GSR initiative is currently not receiving any applications as EPIC undergoes program restructuring. Please check this space for announcements if and when the application process is re-opened. Thank you. 

Graduate students are not only invested in their own research–as instructors, they are great pedagogical innovators for their openness in experimenting with teaching approaches. To cultivate both interests and skill sets of graduate students as researchers and instructors, EPIC will offer five graduate student summer positions (GSR at 50%) to conduct research and write about innovative pedagogical approaches that can enhance undergraduate learning within their disciplines. This is a particularly exciting opportunity for any graduate student who plans to teach, research and present on pedagogy or curriculum development, or serve in an administrative position for curricular advancement.


The following materials must be submitted to complete the application. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

  1. A 500-word project Proposal that outlines, in detail, the pedagogical topic and scope and scale of the research. The proposal should include a short paragraph explaining how the topic aligns with EPIC’s mission for transformative pedagogy grounded in practices of inclusion and diversity.
  2. A current CV
  3. A current Transcript (unofficial is acceptable but must be current). Note: Applicants are expected to be in good academic standing.
  4. A Letter of Support from a faculty member, who will serve as a mentor for the project. The Letter of Support must clearly outline the merits of the project for UCLA’s community of learning, and provide a review of the candidate’s ability to complete the project within the stipulated timeframe. Note: Please have the faculty member email the Letter of Support to with the Subject Heading “Your Name: SoTL GSR Letter of Support.” 
  5. If required, the applicant obtains and provides proof of IRB approval/exemption or other regulatory programs: “Any research that involves either the participation of human subjects or the use of human biological specimens, medical charts, or databases with identifying information about humans is considered to be human subject research and requires review.” (see here to determine if IRB is required)


  • Any graduate student in the Humanities, Musicology, or History may apply for this GSR position (graduate student STE Fellows and Teaching Innovation Grant recipients are eligible to apply).
  • Each SoTL GSR will conduct independent research and write a 2500-word (approximately 12 page) scholarly paper on the project findings. The final paper should be publishable in a peer-review academic journal on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (i.e., Arts and Humanities in Higher Education or College Teaching).
  • The GSR will informally present findings at the fall quarter Ready, Set, Teach event (usually week 0 or week 1) and provide a copy of the finalized formal paper by the end of winter quarter. Note: An extension for the finalized paper may be granted based on a review of individual requests.
  • All materials produced and materials purchased belong to the GSR at the project’s end and can be published and reproduced independently of EPIC. EPIC will receive copies of project materials and final paper, to be shared and utilized through the EPIC Learning Repository (fully crediting the GSR as author and creator of the content).
  • The GSR may be eligible to receive additional funding to present their findings at an academic or educational development conference.
  • We request permission to contact the GSR for up to two years post-project for updates and support to use the materials, and/or to occasionally make a request for the GSR (or designated faculty mentor) to serve as a casual mentor for future SoTL GSRs and to present findings at future EPIC events. EPIC recognizes that GSRs and their respective faculty mentors reserve the right to decline participation in future events.


March 20, 2019: Applications Open for Summer 2019 Session
May 31, 2019: Applications Due
June 2, 2019: EPIC Leadership Reviews Applications
June 7, 2019: Contracts Sent Out
June 11, 2019: Contracts Due
Appointment Dates: GSRs can select to work either during July-August or August-September, and will be paid according to the monthly payroll schedule (generally the 1st of the following month).

Questions? Please contact the EPIC Instructional Designer at

The application has closed. For any questions or concerns, please contact