Featured Program: Participate in Peer-Assisted Reflection on Student Learning (PAROSL) in Spring 2021

Published: March 11, 2021

Faculty are invited to participate in the Peer-Assisted Reflections on Student Learning (PAROSL) program, which is designed to help faculty boost their teaching dossier and hone their pedagogy. Faculty apply in pairs to support—not evaluate—each other through collaborative review of lessons and the implementation of an innovative teaching strategy. Engagement in PAROSL spans a quarter, at the end of which participants receive a certificate of completion, as well as assistance writing a research-based description of the teaching innovation they implemented. We are actively seeking participants for the Spring 2021 cohort.

Being involved in PAROSL will mean being part of a research study. (To be clear, the focus of the research is the program, not you or your colleague’s teaching.) If you’re interested in being involved in the program and research, the PAROSL team will share more details about the study (e.g., your rights as a participant, what data will be collected, how your privacy and confidentiality will be protected, etc.) so you can decide if you’re comfortable.

If you’d like to learn more, please contact Glory Tobiason (tobiason@cresst.ucla.edu), who leads the PAROSL working group.