EPIC Inaugural Conference Playlist

Published: July 10, 2018

The videos for the EPIC Inaugural Conference are now live with closed captioning and transcripts. Please visit this YouTube Playlist, which includes videos for the Keynote by Dr. Lynn Pasquerella, and panel discussions including Inclusive Classrooms (Edna Chavarry, Catherine Knight Steele, Mana Hayakawa, and Peter Chesney), Innovative Teaching With Technology (Mary Flanagan, Miriam Posner, Juliette Levy, and Craig Messner), Community Engaged Teaching (Sara Ogger, Gary Handwerk, Elizabeth Goodhue, Carrie Sanders), Pedagogical Training and the Market (Annie Maxfield, Chris Mott, David MacFadyen, Rebecca Lippman), and Graduate Student Voices (Zachary Biondi, Diana Librandi, Yan Zhou, and Vanessa Febo).

Keynote Dr. Lynn Pasquerella

Panel: Inclusive Classrooms

Panel: Innovative Teaching with Technology

Panel: Community Engaged Teaching