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Accessible Research Strategies & Considerations Workshop


Thursday, February 2, 2023, 2:00-3:30 PM on Zoom This 90-minute synchronous Zoom workshop examines accessibility considerations for the physical and digital sites of academic research. Participants and facilitators will crowdsource ideas for how to set students up for success in researching here at UCLA and beyond. Facilitated by Dr. Katie Healey and Dr. Lisa Felipe....

CEILS Ed Talk: What’s All the Buzz About ChatGPT and AI in Higher Ed?

Terasaki 1100

Are your students using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to complete their homework? In this interactive talk we will take a look at ChatGPT - its functionality, potential uses, and examples of things it does well and some it is still learning to do.We will then explore several potential impacts that ChatGPT and similar AI technology may have on...

Towards a Pedagogy of Belonging: Ensuring Inclusion in Design and Practice


February 10, 2023, 2-3:30 pm via Zoom Making students feel a sense of belonging is a common goal for instructors, but what does it actually mean? How can instructors design their courses to ensure that all students feel belonging? This workshop is an opportunity for instructors to engage with these questions, to reflect on how...

Conversations on Course Design: STE Panel

Location Powell 186

Please join us for Conversations on Course Design, a panel discussion on the experience of designing inclusive courses in Medical, Digital, and Environmental Humanities. Through EPIC's Course Development Seminars in Teaching Excellence (STE) small cohorts of faculty and graduate students worked collaboratively across disciplines and levels of experience to workshop and create the major elements of fully...

Designing Accessible Research Assignments Workshop

Kaplan 193

What makes a research assignment accessible or inaccessible? For this workshop, we’ll consult with an undergraduate student, a Powell librarian, and the WI+RE (Writing Instruction + Research Education) program on a prompt for a research project from an actual course. Then, participants will consider how to revise the assignment (or one of their own) with accessibility in...

EPIC-Lang Conference: “Reimagined Critical Pedagogy: Resistance and Solidarity in Language Classrooms”

The Excellence in Pedagogy and Innovative Classrooms (EPIC) Program, an initiative from the UCLA Division of Humanities, is pleased to host the “Reimagined Critical Pedagogy: Resistance and Solidarity in Language Classrooms” conference focused on language pedagogy. Conference sessions will be held both in person and remotely on Friday, April 28th and remotely on Saturday, April 29th,...

AI in Action: Exploring AI’s Potential in Teaching and Learning


UCLA's Center for the Advancement of Teaching (CAT), the Center for Education, Innovation, and Learning in the Sciences (CEILS), the Excellence in Pedagogy and Innovative Classrooms program (EPIC), Online Teaching and Learning (OTL), the Bruin Learn Center of Excellence (CoE), the Writing Programs, and Humanities Technology (HumTech) have collaborated to bring a series of discussions...

Designing Transparent AI Assignments Workshop


In this interactive workshop, participants will learn about the importance of transparency in designing assignments that use generative AI. We’ll explore practical strategies for incorporating ethical considerations and ensuring fairness in AI-based assignments while promoting student engagement and learning outcomes. Please register for this Zoom workshop here. This workshop is part of a week-long series...

Designing Courses within a Culturally Responsive Teaching Framework

Powell 186

May 25, 2023, 12:00-1:30 pm. Lunch will be served. This workshop is for instructors and graduate students interested in designing their courses within a culturally responsive teaching framework. Research on CRT has shown to be effective in increasing students’ engagement in class, and by valuing their backgrounds and experiences, and their sense of belonging in...

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion Through Course Content

1041 Public Affairs

Learn strategies for diversifying course content---like the inclusion of authors from diverse backgrounds, non-traditional secondary sources, and sources that challenge traditional scholarship---in this workshop. Participants will discuss the advantages of incorporating course content from diverse sources and work together to brainstorm ways to update course materials with this practice in mind. Facilitated by HumTech RITCs...

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